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Deborah Rise Movement (DRM) consists of a team, of vibrant individuals from various backgrounds, envisioned to advocate for women, children, teens and families with compassion. We are open to serve you irrespective of your culture, creed, religion or your circumstances.
Arise and shine, for your light has come! And the glory of the LORD has risen upon you.
Isaiah 60:1
To raise the banner of hope
To be a voice for the voiceless
To rescue abused women
To reignite battered hearts
To rise and shine as agents
of change
Groceries for a month up to a max of Rs. 1500/. per Covid-Affected-Family (who seek help). Will be sent to their address after verification
Contact Dr.Suby -   9496950620
Medicines up to a max of Rs. 3000/. Will be sent to the Covid affected-Family. after verification
Contact Nancy -   9743919820
Counseling and Financial support to grieving families on the loss of their Loved ones to a max of Rs.3000/. will be given
Contact Rachel -   9833654987

DRM is an interdenominational Christian movement that focuses on uplifting the wounded through counseling, prayer, and transforming their lives for God’s glory, with a God-given mandate to advocate for the destitute, outcast, and hurting.
  • To raise Deborahs (women leaders) who will stand in the gap and serve society through their talents and resources.
  • To advocate, intercede, intervene and empower the victimized.
  • To become agents of change at home, in the Church and at the workplace.
Helpline Connect
& Heart to Heart
DRM counselors, mentors and prayer warriors listen, counsel and pray with you. They comfort, intercede, support, and help you overcome life issues of vulnerability, depression, neglect, loneliness, suicidal thoughts or abuse.
If you need prayer support or counseling. Help is just a call away. We are available round the clock.
Based on your need, one-to-one counseling support will be
extended by our Heart to Heart mentors, in a gender-specific
manner with sensitivity.
Phone calls received at DRM, India helpline (8801858585) will be picked up only by women, while requests received through our website app would be taken by both men and women.
We assure you the utmost confidentiality on your identity and the information you share with us. Currently our helpline calls are supported in the following languages: Kannada, Tamil, Hindi and English.
We are open for your calls 24x7, seven days a week.
volunteer with us
As a counselor, prayer warrior, mentor, helpline volunteer, worship leader and more.
Our other key functions
Lifeline Connect addresses life challenges, ultimate questions of life, issues with faith, and shares real-life stories with the hope of impacting society and creating awareness through this forum. This forum encourages men and women irrespective of culture, creed, or religion. Under Lifeline Connect, we have Youth Connect and Women Empowerment Groups. Youth Connect focuses on the issues facing young people while Women Empowerment group is a support system for victims of domestic abuse that consists of both victims and also those who support these victims.
Prayer - Prayer Connect is exclusively a women’s only group that forms the backbone of the movement. These women who adhere to the doctrinal statement of DRM serve as prayer warriors, worship leaders, preachers, and Bible teachers. The agenda of this group is to raise Deborahs – women leaders who would be the voice for the voiceless and function as agents of change.

Social Wing Connect networks with various individuals, trusts, and NGOs to facilitate support of the needy. Various programs have been planned like providing scholarship, support to the abused, and so on.
I sought the Lord and He answered me
and delivered me from all my fears.
Psalm 34:4