What we do / Lifeline connect
ROMANS 10:17
DRM Lifeline Connect is a forum that addresses life-challenging issues, social problems, and ultimate questions of life, which are rarely addressed. This group aims to bring together a group of men and women who can learn, unlearn, and relearn together the truths about life. All speakers render their services on a voluntary basis.
You can join us and become part of our regular LIVE talks on Zoom, where eminent speakers share their insights and experiences. This forum is open to both men and women irrespective of culture, creed, or religion.
Topics presented on this forum thus far include - domestic violence, child abuse, parenting, mental health, depression, counseling techniques, principles of mentoring, leadership techniques and, the concept of God.
Click on the link below to become a part of our community.
Lifeline Connect terms of participation/ rules and regulations for members
  1. Please do not post any personal chat messages to the group.
  2. Please do not send any messages to any group members, especially on personal matters.
  3. Use the group only to spread the love of the Lord and learning His word deeper as this group is meant for spiritual growth only.
  4. Please feel free to post things related to the objectives of the group.
  5. Please post your prayer requests as our intercessors will pray for you.
  6. Please do not send any forwards or good morning/ night messages
  7. The creation of a new group and adding people is not allowed.
  8. Please do not post any details of your ministry or other ministries or make financial requests in the group
  9. Posting jokes and unnecessary things is not allowed.
  10. Posting referral codes or links is not allowed in the group.

    Please accept the above terms to be part of this group. Violation of these terms will lead to removal from the group.

Our next program
Every Friday join us at 7 PM IST for interactive sessions with eminent speakers
Meeting ID : 85925906557
Meeting password: 123

Would you like to be a speaker in our forum? If so, please send us your profile
Some of our earlier programs featured below. You can view our earlier talks on: