Who we are
We at Deborah Rise Movement are passionate to give voice to the voiceless and hope to the hopeless. We believe in empowering people with tools that facilitate a holistic transformation.
We at DRM firmly consider it our God-given mandate to advocate for the destitute, the outcast, and the hurt. We focus on lifting the wounded through counseling and prayer, thereby igniting their lives for God’s glory. We offer unbiased support to those in need with Jesus Christ as the foundation of our faith. Our service is voluntary, led by God in our various functions and activities.
To raise the banner of hope
To be a voice for the voiceless
To rescue abused women
To reignite battered hearts
To rise and shine as agents
of change
Our key functions
Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms.
1 Peter 4:10

  • To raise Deborahs (women leaders) who will stand in the gap and serve society through their talents and resources.
  • To advocate, intercede, intervene and empower the victimized.
  • To become agents of change at home, in the Church and at the workplace.
How it all started
"Necessity is the mother of invention"
DRM was conceived in response to an urgent and pressing need caused by Covid 19. Here's the story behind it... During the COVID 19 lockdown, Dr. Latha Christie from Bangalore, India, felt a great burden to pray and intercede for the nation and the lives of those affected by the pandemic. On the 4th of April 2020, she was inspired from a verse from the Bible (Judges 5:12) that says:

Rise up, rise up, Deborah; rise up, rise up, sing a song. Stand up, Barak and lead thy captivity captive, thou son of Abinoam.

She shared the burden and prayed with a few of her friends online. This group gradually grew in strength as more women joined to pray regularly. Thus, DRM Prayer Connect was born. In this space, women gather every evening at 9.00 PM Indian Standard Time via Zoom to pray. Tuesdays are marked for special prayer for various issues.

As the COVID 19 crisis prolonged, there was an increase in unemployment rates, domestic violence, abuse and depression. This motivated DRM members to purchase a helpline number (8801858585) so that people across India could call for prayer and counseling, which is presently provided in four languages - Tamil, Kannada, Hindi and English. The group established a team of well-qualified dedicated counselors with various specialties who can offer voluntary services. Thus, the DRM Helpline Connect was born.

Recently, DRM Helpline released a web App through which people from any part of the world can reach out for prayer and counseling. Gender-specific one-to-one counseling and prayer sessions are being initiated for specialized needs. The general public can call us on 88018 58585 or register themselves (register themselves where? On the DRM website?). . Our volunteers will reach out to the registered callers, identify their needs, pray with them and provide services as deemed fit by their clinical judgment.

Although this movement was initiated by women, men pitched in to help as counselors and prayer warriors. Many members of the group, especially single parents, related that they were finding it difficult to connect with their young children and teens and were struggling with several of life's unanswered questions. To address some of the unspoken challenges of men and women, like abuse and oppression, and to share challenging real-life stories that impacts society and help create awareness, another wing of DRM - the DRM Lifeline Connect - was born. DRM Lifeline Connect forum consists of men and women from different backgrounds, irrespective of religion, ethnicity and social class. The talks arranged through Lifeline Connect on a wide range of subjects resulted in the formation of a rich video library. Presently, DRM functions as an interdenominational Christian movement that focuses on uplifting the wounded, the afflicted and the destitute through counseling, prayer and support.
Check out our talks on our YouTube Channel – Deborah Rise. Please join us on zoom, every Friday at 7 PM!

(Meeting ID: 859 2590 6557
Passcode: 123)

The first wave of the Covid-19 Pandemic also showed an increase in cases of abuse and shortage of food. As the Holy Scripture says,Faith without works is dead,, a new wing – DRM Social Connect – was opened to serve people in need. It has rescued abused women, set up businesses for single women and fed migrant workers and the poor during the pandemic. The first project taken up was distributing food to the poor and giving provisions to the needy in Bangalore and Chennai. The project started in July 2020 and ended in Dec 2020.

The second project was DRM Covid Care, that was birthed during the peak of COVID’s second wave. DRM provided doorstep service, with groceries and medical aid, to persons who were affected by COVID-19. Bereavement support helped those who lost their loved ones during the pandemic. The helpless were a call away from DRM. DRM counselors tirelessly counseled those who were stricken by fear and mourning for their loved ones. Our Prayer Connect team prayed for those who suffered and rejoiced over every single miracle. Through our COVID care project, lives have been saved and hope restored. By the grace of God, we could serve over 250 families.

The third project we have taken up is the DRM Hope Scholarship program, which aims to give scholarships to a few needy young people (abused children, children of single parents, and children from poor backgrounds), and also to give mentoring for their higher studies. The Deborah Rise movement has Four Connects (Prayer Connect, Helpline Connect, Lifeline Connect and Social Connect), that address the varied needs of the people. Since DRM began in April 2020, the movement has grown to about 1000 people, both and women, with some 200 prayer warriors and counselors who love the Lord and want to be His hands and feet in this hurting world.
Why join the movement
History shows that sweeping social changes that have happened across the world were NOT led by big organizations but, rather, by movements. Great things are possible only when like-minded individuals join hands to steer society towards the right goals. By being a part of this movement, you can make a difference in the world that we live in.

volunteer with us
as a counselor, prayer warrior, mentor, helpline volunteer, worship leader and more.